How to Find Your Target Heart Rate Range

In the prior post titled “Cardiovascular Exercise – How to Start a Program” the need for one to take a phased approach to physical conditioning was discussed. Using a progressive system utilizing a targeted range of heart rates that is appropriate for your particular stage of condition is a smart approach. You can calculate these ranges from the Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) method also known as the Karvonen method. To calculate your range, follow these steps:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Enter your upper range percentage in Heart Rate A.

3. Enter your lower range percentage in Heart Rate B.

4. Enter your age.

5. Enter your resting heart rate. To find this use a heart rate monitor and observe your heart rate in a rested state (i.e. seated in chair). Don’t have a heart rate monitor? Purchase a Heart Rate Monitor Here

Here’s an example. For a deconditioned 43 year old that has a target intensity range of 50 – 60% and a resting heart rate of 77 would yield the following target heart rate ranges:

Target Heart Rate (upper end of range) = 137 beats per minute

Target Heart Rate (lower end of range) = 127 beats per minute

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