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Sample Menus

Below is a collection of sample menus that are provided online by reputable institutions. The collection represents a variety of dietary goals and preferences.

Organization Calorie Menu Web Link United States Department of Agriculture 2000 sample_menu.pdf
McKinley Health Center - Univ. of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign 1500
2000 Handouts/dash_diet.html
UNC - Chapel Hill 2000 _docman&task=doc_view&gid=27
National Institutes of Health 2000 Dash.htm
ECU - Univ. Health Systems 1200
2000 resources/nutrition/dropatoneating.pdf
UF - Inst. of Food and Agricultural Sciences 1200-B
2500-B fy5200.pdf
Washington State Dairy Council 2000
5000 weight_management -1.pdf

V - contains only vegetarian menus
B - contains both traditional and vegetarian menus