Corrective exerciseMany of us suffer from chronic pain associated with various ailments such as low back pain, muscle strains, tendinitis and more. These injuries are often directly caused by muscular imbalances. Muscular imbalances are the basis of movement dysfunctions associated with abnormal length or strength of muscles surrounding a joint which, in turn, alters the motion of the joint. This movement dysfunction increases stress on the tissues of the joint and eventually leads to injury. Throughout our lives we have accumulated various imbalances due to impact trauma, disease, sedentary lifestyle, and/or repetitive stress from overusing a muscle group. Assessing and correcting movement dysfunction is often an overlooked and misunderstand component to one’s overall fitness. In order to assist my clients (myself included) in this area, I have obtained an advanced accreditation of Corrective Exercise Specialist thru the National Academy of Sports Medicine which is a leading sports medicine and exercise science organization. This knowledge has provided a framework for which to apply specific corrective exercise to the needs of each individual to achieve better muscular balance and thus, optimal joint function. Feel free to contact me to see how I may help you improve in this area of fitness.