Small group fitness trainingIt goes without saying that a personal trainer can go a long way in helping someone with the accountability, expert instruction, and motivation needed to achieve their fitness goals.  However, if you are someone who enjoys the camaraderie of training with other like-minded people, then small group training might be what you are looking for.  In fact, research has shown that people are more likely to stick with a program when they have the support of an instructor, coach or trainer and are in a group setting (Spink and Carron, 1993).

This mode of training has multiple benefits.  First, there are financial benefits in that group training is provided at a lower cost per session than training in private (1-one-1).  Another advantage is that, as with private sessions, you can still get personalized attention with instruction on proper exercise technique and custom programs that match your fitness level.  Also, both the trainer and other participants are there to help provide accountability, motivation, and support that is sometimes necessary to get through the challenges of workouts and other obstacles in life.

Although the 1-on-1 focus of Personal Training has benefits, you might want to consider training with a friend or two if you are on a stricter budget and like the camaraderie of a group setting.  Contact me today to get started.